Fun Thoughts about Blogging


A few years ago a friend suggested to me that I start a blog.  I couldn’t imagine how I would ever find the time to write a single article, not to mention the number of articles it would take to have an active blog.  I was so busy with taking care of my home and family, doing homeschool and therapy, that I thought blogging might be a possibility only in my golden years.

Joyfully, I am still a fairly young woman in the trenches of motherhood, yet I have managed to write 55 articles.  This is my 56th!  I don’t know how it happened, but I know it has been so much fun…and so good for me!  Recording my life has helped me to see more clearly how faithful God has always been to me.  It helps me put my random thoughts into some order, and beautiful patterns emerge.  It aids me in remembering the specific words God has spoken to me.

While I was pregnant with Annalise, my writing slowed down considerably.  Whenever I sat in front of a computer screen, I felt sick!  After she was born, I didn’t write anything for a month or two. I was spending  my time nursing, napping, and trying to maintain coherent thoughts.  I figured that my blog had gone dormant and whatever readership I had obtained, had wandered away.  When I finally sat down to post another article, I went to the section of WordPress that allowed me to see the statistics of my blog.  It reviewed how many people visited my blog, what articles they read, what country they were in, and how they found me.

Some people are following me and receive an email every time I post.  Others found me through a search engine.  Others plugged in my web address after I wrote an article for Above Rubies Magazine which is distributed around the world.

I was amazed that almost every day that had passed, someone was looking at Grace is my Superhero.  Some days it was just one or two.  Other days it was more.  One day, June 6th, there were 124 views!  I hadn’t even posted anything, and I was very confused.  Where did all these readers come from?  Then I saw that most of the readers were referred by another blogger,

I visited her blog and saw that on June 6th, she had referred to me in her article and included a link to Grace is my Superhero.  Thanks, Lori!  That was sweet!

People reading my blog come from the United States, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey,  Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, St. Lucia, Norway, Germany, Philippines, South Africa,  Kenya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea , New Zealand, Australia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Shri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, and Honduras.   That is the beauty of the World Wide Web!

I don’t have a huge following.  Another blogger who started just a few months before I did has well over 1,000 followers.  She also had an article go viral and get posted all over the internet.  Her thoughts are so positive, and I am glad for her!

I always remind myself that I am just writing these articles for myself (to remember what God had done for me) and for my children (so they will have a lasting written history of their heritage in God).  If anyone else finds their way to this blog, that is just icing on the cake.  If you are here, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  My prayer is that you always hear the whisper of God while you read my words, for I pray that his words become a part of me and become my words day by day.


One thought on “Fun Thoughts about Blogging

  1. Amen. I would like to see this published in book form as an inspirational devotional that he can grab when dark days come to be lifted to God’s Light.


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