“Yes, the day will come, says the Lord, when I will do for Israel and Judah all the good I promised them.”  Jer33:14(Living Bible)


I was reading this during my morning quiet time.  I got up from the kitchen table to walk my husband to his car as he was leaving for work.  I lingered outside to watch the beautiful sunrise.  I was struck by the faithfulness of God in causing the sun to rise each morning.  No matter how badly I had lived yesterday, no matter how much sin had occurred in the earth the day before, today the sun was rising on humanity again.  Along with the sun came God’s promise of his new mercies.  What a good God we have!

I sat down and continued to read in my Bible.

” If you can break my covenant with the day and with the night so that day and night don’t come on their usual schedule, only then will my covenant with David, my servant be broken…” V.20,21

Then I heard God say, “Anne, if you are able to keep the sun from rising this morning, then you will be able to mess up badly enough to break my promises to you.”

Sometimes I believe the lie that I will disqualify myself from receiving God’s promises.  But God reminds me that it was He who made the covenant in the first place.  He cannot lie, and He knows all things.  He already took my weaknesses and mistakes into account when He made those promises.  So I can rest in the knowledge that it is God’s job to bring His words to come to pass, and it is my job to simply believe.


Lord, help me to rest in your faithfulness.

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