How I Feel About Donald Trump

In my junior high and High School years, I knew Donald Trump as the rich guy with the weird hair.  I honestly didn’t know what he had done to get so rich, and I didn’t care.  When his TV show, The Apprentice came on in 2004, I still wasn’t totally clear on what Trump actually did other than fire and hire people, but it was one of the few reality shows that I actually liked.

I have never spent a lot of time following the news or getting into politics…too many more important things consumed my life, like a new baby roughly every two years or so.  Still, I wanted to be a good American and a good citizen, so I always tried to vote and pray for whoever was in power at the time.

Around 2012 I saw a new book from Rick Joyner, I See A New America.  I purchased it on the spot (and I never do that!) because his previous books had been so powerful in my life.  I thought this was a book of new prophetic revelations and visions about our country, and I could sure use the encouragement.  I couldn’t help but notice that my nation was turning away from Christianity, one of my main reasons for homeschooling.

I excitedly dove into this new book only to be disappointed.  It wasn’t about visions at all, but observations of what was wrong with our country and the government and how we could fix it.  I read about halfway through this 300 page book before I could read no longer.  I was shocked and overwhelmed by how bad things really were, yet felt powerless to change anything.  What could I do, a housewife, to affect politics?  Perhaps one of my children would grow up with the honor, integrity, and self-sacrificing character to go into the government, but I certainly couldn’t.

What I did take away from the book was that the power had to shift from lawyers and professional politicians to real business men.  Only then could the noble purpose for government (serving and protecting the citizens) actually be accomplished, and done so efficiently.  If our government was a business, it would have gone under long ago.  If politicians lived by the same rules as the rest of us, most of them would have been put in jail.

I laid the book aside, but began praying more for our nation.  I also encountered more teaching (from folks like Lance Wallnau and Bill Johnson) that Christians had laid down their God given influence in the seven spheres of culture, government included, and it was time to take it back!  We couldn’t just hide and wait for the rapture! We had to use our gifts and talents to make heaven manifest on earth.  Our lives and our children’s lives depended on it.

I heard Launce during the 2015 Firestorm conference say something that changed the way I looked at voting.

“When Christians look at elections, they want to know, is the guy a believer?  That is really not the intelligent question.  What you want to know is; who is anointed for the assignment.  Now this is controversial because I wouldn’t think that God would actually be working with secular people and anoint them.  But I had to reconsider this for the simple fact that I am reading Daniel, and Daniel has an archangel that comes to him and says, ‘As you have been praying Daniel, in the 2nd year of Darius, I stood by to confirm and stabilize his reign.’ Which means that Darius is a heathen ruler, Darius and the Medes, they’re over the Jewish people; but God knows which heathen is going to be open to the kingdom and which one isn’t.  And archangels go to war to make sure that the right heathen gets elected.

“So you go back in American history, most Christians, they just don’t talk about this stuff – Lincoln was God’s chosen man for the complexity of the hour.  In retrospect, we look back at him and say – there was the right man for that crucible; but honestly, Charles Finney didn’t think he was, the revivalists in his day didn’t, because he didn’t make a significant enough profession of faith.  Now the people who made the great profession of faith were knuckleheads.  Because you can follow Salmon Chase and McClellan and see the arrogance and the ego in the guys who actually were evangelical.  But then you got a gifted heathen who discovers Christ in the crisis of the White House…

“The fact is, you have to know who God has anointed for the job, not who passes your Sunday School litmus test.

“Churchill falls into the same category.  Neville Chamberlain was a great evangelical.  Nevil Chamberlain, ‘Peace in our time,’ he totally goofed up.  He was trying to be a sheep dealing with a wolf.  Churchill from the beginning knew what Nazi Germany was.  Churchill was the guy who was anointed.”

That really got me thinking.  Lincoln is considered to be one of, if not THE greatest president this nation has ever had. Yet during his time in office, he was disliked, hated, and ridiculed by so many people.  I had learned a lot about Lincoln because we studied the Civil War for three years in homeschool.  I never planned it that way, but I think God was teaching our family something about the time we are now living in.

Abortion is the modern-day civil rights issue that has become socially acceptable just as slavery was in Lincoln’s time.  The Civil War was the terrible result of the sin of slavery.  Abortion takes away the rights of those who are considered subhuman to bring wealth to the few.  What will be the consequences of this heinous crime?  Lincoln fought for the humanity of the slaves without demonizing the slave holders and the south.  He knew that after the war, they all had to be united again.

I started asking God to show me who he had anointed for these very difficult and dangerous days.  Soon the new presidential hopefuls were all over the news.

I must admit, whenever I saw Donald Trump on TV, I would cringe a little bit inside.  Why does he have to seem so prideful and silly?  But most of what I saw were just small clips taken out of whole speeches which were then ridiculed by whatever media was showing them.  He didn’t look like the leader I had been hoping for, and I felt discouraged.

I heard Lance Wallau at our church again, and he spoke about a meeting that he been in with Donald Trump.  His view of the man was so different from what had been portrayed in the media.  Lance talked about a man who believed in the Bible, brought his Bible to the meeting, and listened and respected all of the Christians leaders present.  This started to give me hope.

DSC_0001 (4)

I decided to get Trump’s book, Crippled America from the Library to hear about the views and beliefs of this man straight from his own mouth, so to speak.  I really enjoyed reading this book and learned so much that I didn’t know.  Most importantly, it gave me hope.  Hope that someone actually understood what was ailing this country and had a plan to start to fix it.  His views were all truly conservative, and I didn’t find a thing that I disagreed with.  I did not find anything racist or sexist in the book.  Just the opposite.  Trump was putting women and minorities in leadership positions in his businesses long before it was politically correct to do so.

I had this book for six weeks, and no one else put it on hold.  I find it hard to believe that there is no one else out there wondering what Donald Trump really stands for and is willing to take the time to delve into this book rather than just take the media’s word for it.

Chris and I were business owners for almost four years and realized how hard it really is – not just because it is hard to take risks and strike out on your own – but also because the government seems to be trying to hinder you at every single turn.  Our business failed despite our best efforts.  I can’t convey to you how much respect I have for Donald; that he has been able to be so successful in so many different businesses when it is so difficult to do so.  Being in the business world and meeting so many other owners and entrepreneurs, we saw that it is difficult for everyone.

I can’t describe how amazing it was to read his book and realize that he understands how hard it is and how damaging the government has become for businesses, especially small businesses. He has a plan to change that.  Finally a person in politics who has been in the real world and who has had real world success.

In his own words, “The basic difference between the politicians’ way and my way is that I’ve actually had to do the things that politicians only talk about doing.

“I’ve hired thousands of employees.  I’ve had to negotiate with contractors and unions.  I’ve had to provide health care coverage for my workers.  I know what the real costs are, I know what the problems are.  I know what works and what doesn’t work.”

Trump has a great track record of taking over historic buildings that have been allowed to become rundown and revitalizing them under time and under budget.  You can’t mess around when you want to make a profit.  If the government were run like a business, oh how different things would be!

In conclusion, Trump says, “We can take a crippled country and make it great again.  Our country has been allowed to languish and become tarnished, second-class place in the eyes of the world…I have a vision and I understand the process by which we’re going to accomplish our goals, We need to strengthen our military, help our vets, stand up to our enemies, deter illegal immigration, rebuild our infrastructure, revamp our tax code and education system, and rip apart the ridiculous policies of the past, including Obamacare and the Iran nuclear ‘agreement.’

“Most important, we need to reinvigorate the American dream and give our country back to the millions of people who have labored so hard for so little…We are at a critical turning point in our history…Our time has not passed, it is here, and the potential is amazing.”

I began a second time to read Rick Joyner’s, I See A New America and this time I finished it!  This time I understood more of what he was writing about, having more experiences with government agencies and government regulations and taxes.  I also had more hope!  The amazing thing was that this book written in 2011 said many of the same things that Trump wrote in his book in 2015.  Some statements were almost identical, such as the fact that the government could be run with 20% of its present size.  With this type of efficiency, they could actually cut taxes, balance the budget, and strengthen the economy rather than incur more debt.

Rick writes, “The U.S. government was created to serve the people, not to be served by them.  It was created to protect our wealth and resources, not consume them.  Government workers, from the President down, were to be public servants, not the privileged class they have set themselves up to be…we must resolve to never again elect professional politicians, and determine it is one species we will make extinct in our country.  We, the people, must resolve that every elected office in government should be filled with leaders and managers who have a mission and know how to accomplish it…”

Is Donald Trump such a leader?  He says that he is.  Many people believe that he is.

So how do I feel about Donald Trump?  I think he may just have the very rare driven personality (that is willing to take risks and make people mad) that we need to lead us into something different, something better.  It may look like a wrecking ball making a big mess of things, but appearances can be deceiving.  The more I find out about “business as usual” in Washington, the more I think that unless it all comes tumbling down, we can no longer survive as a nation.  It may not be pretty, it may come in a way that none of us expected, but I know that God is doing something wonderful in our nation and in our government.

When I think about Donald Trump, I feel more hope rising with in me than I have ever felt when thinking about politics.  I am praying for him, for his safety, for his relationship with God, for his vision for this nation and his ability to carry it out.

But it really doesn’t matter how I feel about Donald Trump.  What really matters is who has God anointed for this hour.  If Christians could just seek Him for the answer to that question, we could shape the future of our nation.

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22 thoughts on “How I Feel About Donald Trump

  1. God has not been in the White House in the last 7 1/2 years, only obession by current president to take God out of our Country in every way he can. Obama has created so much havoc in so many ways it will take Trump years to even tip the iceberg, I pray that Trump is all he says he is,I know it’s going take some time for Trump to be groomed and get a hold of the power he will have.God Bless the USA


    • I agree that the current administration has been working against Christianity in this country, but God has always been in the White house. He has not abandoned us, and He is always working in ways that we cannot see. His people have been praying and God answers in ways we do not expect. His power goes beyond what we can imagine. I believe that God has been laying the groundwork for revival and has prepared Trump and many others for this very time. I don’t know what He is going to do, and I don’t know what it will look like, but I am filled with joyful expectation! Yes, God Bless the USA!


  2. I’m sorry, but I’m a homeschooling mom, too, and can’t support a man for president who owns strip clubs, supports gay marriage, and waffles on abortion. I believe that your pastor is very misguided, and is leading you down a dangerous path.


    • I understand how you feel, Jen. I spend so much time trying to protect my children from the evil in this world. Who would you support for president then? Certainly not Hillary, who is the only other option. I wouldn’t like Trump at all unless God had spoken to me about him. We must always remember that God doesn’t see things the way we do. His thoughts are not our thoughts. Who did Jesus choose for his twelve disciples, the leaders who would built the foundation of the Christian church, the men who inspire us in the values that we instill in our children while we home school? They were a group of sinners! And who did he choose to write most of the new testament? A man who spent all of his intellect and energy and passion on a single goal; destroying the new church. I am so in love with my God, a God who can look at the worst of us and see the potential that he himself created in that person. A God who can look at a sinner and say, “I can work with that person. In fact, I can make a redemptive miracle out of that person who will bring me glory!”


    • So instead you will cast a vote for someone who does NOT waffle on abortion, but fully supports it, even in late stages? That makes no sense!!


  3. I’ve known successful Christian business owners throughout my short 66 years on this earth. Publically, none have ever mock a disabled person, called women fat, ugly or used terms that Mr. Trump has used in public. It makes me wonder how he presents himself in private behind closed doors. I’m no fan of the Clintons, but feel as a leader with such enormous responsibility leading our country I have to vote for her.


    • Sam, thank you for reading and commenting. We could all list off the faults of any person who is running for public office. It appears as though Trump has really offended you. That is unfortunate. What I am proposing is that we look past the offenses and past what we can see and ask God for a wisdom that transcends human wisdom. Whether God tells you to vote for Hillary or Trump, I pray that you can hear His voice!


  4. If God can use a donkey to speak to a profit, to get him on track, don’t ya think God can use Doanld Trump weather he is a believe or not. God rains on the just and unjust. When the unjust lives by spiritual laws God blesses them, blessings do not require being a believe in Jeus or God. All sorts of examples of men of renown who lined less than stellar lives but had heart sensitive to God’s lobe and were obedient to him. So, when a person tells you who they are, like Hillary has by her actions for the last 40 years berets Trump and his actions it should be a no brainier.

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      • What conservative values does Trump hold? He cheats the small business owners sometimes to the point of bankrupting them. He waffles on abortion he is on his 3rd wife and loves himself more than the lord. He makes fun of and calls people names. Humiliated the disabled and Heros like John McCain. I see no conservative values in this man at all. He does not love his neighbor as his brother but only loves himself. He spreads hatred and fear and is a hot head. Please explain to me how these are conservative values ?


        • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Do you know Trump personally? Do you work with him or have you been a friend? I assume that you, like most of us, do not know him personally. I am so sad that you are so personally offended and angry with a man that you have never met. This is exactly how the media wants you to feel about him. I am suggesting that you forgive him and look past the media to ask God what He thinks. As far as being a conservative, he is much more of a conservative than Hillary.Here is a comparison of the two parties platforms:
          You may think that Trump will not uphold the values of his own party and there is no guarantee that he will 100%, but certainly there is a much better chance of him staying with the Republican values than Hillary going against her party.
          The wrongs that you have listed against Trump are pretty bad, but they are small compared to the crimes of Hillary:


  5. Thank you for this message of hope! Regardless of who God places in power (and I do believe that no matter what man says, it is God who does this), He can and will bring about the plan He has for all of us if we are open to His leading.

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  6. I too have read and listened to many people I respect such as Lance Wallnau and Rick Joyner. Their opinions resounded with my spirit but I began to pray and ask God to speak to me concerning the election and Donald Trump. He does come across rather “out there” in many comments put out by the main stream liberal media! What God spoke to me is that politicians; even devout Christians, cannot bring about the kind of change we need in government. It will take someone so totally out of the box of political correctness that some people will absolutely hate him! He is just unconventional and unorthodox enough to REALLY shake the political landscape to its decomposing core! As a Christian, I have been challenged during the past 3 years to let God out of the box…and to let myself out of it as well. I have been offended more during this time by the Lord Himself than ever in my life! It’s been a very good thing for me, lol! I have to say that my Father has shown me that He has a plan to use Trump to do exactly what we need and have asked for. Will we get out of our pious way and LET HIM?!

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    • Thank you so much Vickie for reading my article and commenting! I feel so encouraged by your honest thoughts, and I feel just the same way! God is so good and He is answering our prayers. I pray that Christians can see that and support and pray for Trump. It is so wonderful and freeing when God shows us something new and brings us into a larger place. You are a good writer! You should blog about your journeys with God or maybe you already do. Blessings!


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  8. Slavery is not a sin. Slavery is sanctioned by God’s word, both Old Testament and New.

    Trump is an amoral globalist who by Biblical standards doesn’t have a prayer of getting into Heaven. He violates almost every Biblical precept of what a good person should be. For you to delude yourself into thinking that Trump is an instrument of God by comparing him to Lincoln may be fascinating for the psychoanalysts out there, but I have no doubt God is scratching his head.


    • Wow! I haven’t heard anyone defend slavery in my lifetime! I didn’t realize that anyone out there actually believed that slavery was OK in God’s eyes. I feel so truly sorry for you Lenny, and I pray you can find the true God of the Bible. He loves you, you know, just as much as He loves Donald Trump, just as much as he loves all the women and children trapped in human trafficking and the sex trade (modern day slavery), just as much as He loves His perfect son Jesus! Wow! Now that is a scandalous thought, but God is very scandalous by human standards.


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  10. Anne: Thank you for your insight. I know Trump is the choice for many Christians, but hit the nail on the head when you stated that we must not see things in the natural, but in the spiritual realm. God is doing a thing and most Christians are not perceiving it because they are led by their emotions and have allowed the enemy to use the “Woman card”, the “Latino card”, the “Race card”, etc. I hope people will read Dutch Sheets’ blog about why TRUMP is the right choice. /

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