It is Truly Delightful to Have a House Full of Boys

boys square

Little boys give the BEST hugs, squeezing your neck so hard with their little chubby arms that you feel like you will burst with the sheer joy of it!

You get to observe how your husband must have looked like as a baby, toddler, and little boy, and it is an adorable sight to behold!

You have the opportunity to learn strange and bizarre facts about many topics including but not limited to exotic animals, superheroes, guns, the world of Redwall, policemen, comic books, history, wars, and heroes.

You are inspired by the intelligent engineering and creative design of the structures that rise and fall, both outside and inside your home.

April 2013 233

You are happy that those pesky squirrels have to run for their lives when your boys show up with their home-made bows and arrows.

Boys are enthusiastic eaters!  The messier they are, the more they enjoyed it.

Boys love to pick flowers for their moms. “Picking” is a term used loosely to mean stomped on, whacked down, crushed, pulled up by the roots, and then presented with pride to the object of their affection.

June 2013 015

Moms, YOU are that object of affection!  What could be better than that!

April 2013 067

Boys love to follow their Dad around, learning everything that Dad knows.

Dad and Cooper walking Camping 2011

Boys can lift some of the burden off of Dad as they take over jobs that they enjoy and take pride in, such as yard work and maintenance of the house and cars.


Boys grow into teenagers who are bigger and stronger than you are.  They can help in a myriad of ways from carrying the groceries to building your dream home.  I have not yet received a dream home from my boys, but I have read a story of a mother of 13 boys who did!

You get to experience all the joys of each stage of their development as described in Wild Things: the Art of Nurturing Boys.

The Explorer (age 2-4) active, aggressive, curious, self-determined

may-june 2014 162

The Lover (age 5-8) tender, obedient, attached to dad, competitive


The Individual (ages 9-12) searching, evolving, experimenting, criticizing

April 2013 109

The Wanderer (ages 13-17) when a boy becomes the worst version of himself.  Ok, that part isn’t so great, but just wait until you read the next one.cole 2

The Warrior (ages 18-22) going from boy to man, finishing, reflective, searching, romantic

We get to watch the little boy grow into the strong and courageous warrior.  That warrior will stand up for what is right and defend the weak.  That warrior will be motivated by love in everything he does with an authority that comes from knowing his identity in God.  A vision of that Warrior, no matter how distant he might be from your reality, will keep you saying, “It is truly delightful and wonderful to raise a houseful of boys!

september 2013 159

9 thoughts on “It is Truly Delightful to Have a House Full of Boys

  1. I love this! I am madly in love with my own little guy! I cannot wait to see all he grows to become. BTW: I LOVE the new photo of your crew!!


    • Thank you! It is fun to watch boys grow! I can’t hardly believe that I have a teenage boy already! One day I heard my husband’s voice in the house and thought, “Why is Chris home from work in the middle of the day?” Then I realized that it was my son! He is bigger and stronger than me and it is weird…but wonderful. Thanks for the compliment on the photo! It is a few years old and doesn’t contain the baby so we will have to have new pictures done.


    • Thank you! I love that statement, “A house of boys is a house full of joys!” I will have to say that to myself on the difficult days. When Cole was a little guy, I couldn’t imagine him as a teenager. Now that he is one, I realize how fast time goes and how each one of us is always growing and changing. So even more, I try to enjoy each fleeting moment! Seems like you are so good at doing that and that you are rejoicing in your boys, even though you have to put in a lot of work right now.


      • Thank you so much! For the most part I do…I certainly have my moments of feeling overwhelmed or over it but they’re usually very short so far. I have a hard time imagining them all as teenagers but I’m sure its gonna be a fun time! Haha! That’s maybe why I am,able to enjoy,now so much because I know it won’t always be like this. They won’t ever be this small again, they won’t always want me to hold them, they won’t always think I’m cool, they won’t always love just holding my hand and sitting in my lap. Although I pray that while they will get bigger and their relationship with me will change, that it will do just that. Change and evolve but get stronger as they do! You’re doing a great job and are an inspiration for all us other boy moms trailing behind you. 😊


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